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 If you forget to disconnect garden hose during the winter, the water that remains within will freeze and almost definitely cause the lining to crack. It gets worse if you have a control nozzle on your hose and freezing occurs, as this ice will put pressure on the pipes connected to your house and, as a result, the home's entire plumbing system. The added pressure will then increase the potential for your pipes to either crack or burst, which are some of the costliest repairs a homeowner can deal with. Drain outdoor faucets immediately Once you put away your garden hose for the winter, take extra steps to ensure that plumbing that is exposed to the elements will be safe in freezing temperatures. Start by completely draining the outdoor faucet immediately after the hose is disconnected . Shut-off valves Most homes have shut-off valves that you can use to block a pipe that leads outdoors. Should your home have these, you will usually find them located in basements or closets in an area of the house close to where the outdoor faucet is located. Insulated faucet jacket After you've ensured these outdoor pipes are as bone dry as possible, invest in an insulated faucet jacket. These devices can be found at most hardware stores and work to make sure that even if the faucet has no moisture, the freezing temperatures won't penetrate indoor plumbing as well.

If you are experiencing low water pressure there are a number of things that could be to blame. The first step in dealing with low water pressure is to identify the type of water lines that you have in your home. You should also consider the age of your house and determine if the lines could be original. Most of the calls that our plumbers get in response to low water pressure, we find that the water lines are original to the home. By working in the same neighborhoods we have learned that many of the areas our plumbers service have decent water pressure. You can check with your neighbors to see if they have decent water pressure. If they have had their lines replaced or have ever had a water softener they may have better water pressure than in your home. This will ensure you that better water pressure is available without having to install a pressure boosting system.Galvanized water lines are a good indicator that your lines are original to the house. You can identify galvanized water pipe because each piece must be threaded into a fitting. It is often gray or black and in many cases some sections will have been repaired.The water supply line that runs from the meter on inside to your house is usually a larger diameter pipe than what is inside your home. A larger pipe means that there is less restriction that can be caused by sediment. However, replacing the pipes on the inside of your home will not always increase the water pressure.